State-of-the-Art Automation

Crown Custom Millwork takes pride in our use of the most sophisticated engineering software available. That software is used in conjunction with state-of-the-art equipment that incorporates the newest technology.

Our general commercial production is 100% Auto-CAD driven and our software library includes the AWI’s commercial library. Our end-to-end system is capable of driving the most sophisticated architectural project from Auto-CAD engineering and production equipment, all the way through shipping. Every component is bar coded and every ‘finished piece’ is bar code labeled and tracked through the inventory and delivery tracking function. Every component is accountable.

We utilize precision, CAD based Laser Templates for field confirmation. This CAD based system works seamlessly in conjunction with our CAD based manufacturing software to provide exact casework and architectural millwork dimensioning.


Plan for Success

At Crown Custom Millwork, we know that the key to successful projects is a tight reign of the pre-construction phase. Understanding the full scope of each project allows us to approach it in the most accurately appropriate way. This gives team members at Crown the correct checks and balances needed for all aspects of the project’s scope.

Thorough, detailed, and organized information is key to running a successful project. We work diligently to discover everything the customer expects, including all finished selections, possible impact that other trades have may have on delivery schedules, recognizing and identifying other possible ‘red flags’ prior to starting the manufacturing process, and providing detailed engineering for production and installation.

Along with our provided drawing submittals, we also require approved physical samples for all transparent and opaque finishes, plastic laminates and/or composite selections, veneers, and solid stone/surface selections. Every project has unique parameters and requirements, and any conflicts between drawings and physical reality are addressed promptly through appropriate channels.


High Production
We Love Large Projects

The ability to operate a “High-production” facility is the benchmark of our company. In that regard, Crown Custom Millwork stands on its own. As a truly custom, commercial millwork operation capable of producing, installing, and managing a high volume of high quality products, we are unique within this industry.

We started Crown Custom Millwork with a unique capacity for High-Production and High-Quality Custom Millwork. Our equipment capacities, plant layout, engineering/manufacturing software, project management, scope-of-project checks and balances, and employment requirements are all designed to provide our customers with service that goes beyond expectations.

Currently, we can produce up to 70 completed commercial cabinets daily without effecting our architectural and countertop manufacturing output requirements. In addition, we are able to provide the field management and required labor to install large quantities of millwork and casework.


Project Management
Nothing Left to Chance

We believe our project management team sets is the highest standards in our industry. Our pre-construction and job-site management team starts early in the project by monitoring the framer and MEP contractors and their possible impact on our work. In addition to identifying potential problems we develop important relationships with other impact trades as part of the team-build philosophy. It is always our goal to meet scheduled installation obligations and we have successfully managed the logistics of million dollar millwork contracts without effecting the job-site or schedule.

All projects are assigned a experienced project superintendent to monitor and enforces climate control issues, safety regulations, material logistics, installation quality standards, and coordination with other trades.

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