Design / Build
We'll help you hone your vision

At Crown Custom, we enjoy working closely with you from the very beginning of a project. From conception and hand drawings to computerized models to final installation, our experienced staff has all the talent needed to ensure that you project is professionally developed from start to finish. Call us today and set up an appointment to begin building your dream just the way you imagined.


Custom Fixtures
Creating that unique piece

Unique evironments and funiture require unique fixtures. Custom woodwork goes with territory. From the walls and ceilings to each piece of custom funiture, beautifully created embellishments make all the difference when making a piece that’s not just great, but spectacular. Relax, give us the plans and we’ll deliver. It’s the very reason we use the word “Custom” in our name.


Commercial Casework
When it's quality that you need

Space to manuever and space to work make all the difference when large scale projects demand fast turnaround and on-time delivery. With a large facility, every aspect of your project can be accomplished in-house. That means we can manufacture your large scale casework from beginning to the end. Your project will will start on-time and be ready for installation on time.


Architectural Millwork
When it absolutely needs to meet specs

We understand how important any architectural project can be. We work hand-in-hand with the designer to deliver a product that meets planned specificaitons. Our combined experience working with many designers over the years is something we at Crown Custom Millwork are proud of. We want to make sure you get your project delivered on time and to your exacting specs.


Solid Surfaces and Granite
High-end means beautiful solid surfaces

Granite, marble, quartz, and more are often used in today’s high-end millwork and custom design. It’s a choice that speaks of quality in resorts, financial institutions, gourmet kitchens, customer service desks and more. At Crown, it’s understood that you’re looking for quality. Our experience with solid surfaces can be seen in some of the Southwest’s most beautiful rooms.


Doors, Casings, and Jams
When you want a grand entrance

It is all about making a first great impression. At Crown Custom Millwork, we want that grand entrance to be just that – Grand! We can help you realize your vision from jambs and casings to finished doors with hardware. You can trust our team to deliver a finished product that carries the kind of quality that lasts a lifetime. It is something that we at Crown live up to.


Perfect to the touch

Our finishing department is like an artist’s studio in many ways. That’s because once your custom millwork is ready for the final finish, it takes an artitst to bring out the best the piece has to offer. With hand finishing technique as wide and varied and as the wood species of your furniture, each of our finishers takes pride in making every visible surface look spectacular.


When it has to be finished on schedule

The final installation is perhaps the most important part of the entire process. Making sure that each high-quality, finely-crafted piece of funiture, casework, cabinetry, doors and much more is installed with the same care in which it was made. You can count on Crown Custom Millwork to be there from the begining until the very last piece is perfectly set in place.

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