CCM COVID-19 Employment Plan

First of all, and most importantly, I hope you and your family are all well and that you’re staying safe and healthy. This has been a difficult time for all of us. I know that everyone is worried about your own family and friends, the uncertainty of the future and the continued threat of COVID-19. I have been working to create a plan that strikes the correct balance between supporting our employees and ensuring the financial stability of our company. I assume that at some point we will be required to temporarily shut down, but at this point we need to continue to service our customers. Our goal is to retain as many of our employees as possible during this challenging time and throughout our eventual shut down, with the hope of welcoming you all back once we get reopened. When we do eventually get back to normal, I am going to need all of you to help us get Crown Custom Millwork back on top. It’s going to be a tough road ahead, but I have a lot of confidence in the power of our team. Getting to see all of our employees back healthy is what gives me the hope to guide us through this very challenging time.
Anyone who is continuing to work should observe strict social distancing and use common sense. Please avoid other people’s space (stay six feet away), avoid touching other people’s things, and wash your hands often (use soap and wash for at least 20 seconds). Anyone that can work from home should do so as long as CCM is open and as long as there is work to be done. If an employee decides that they are not comfortable working during this pandemic they may elect to stay home, however those electing to stay home should carefully consider the impact of that decision on their personal financial situation (see below). If an employee decides to stay home or if CCM decides to shut down (or is forced to shut down) the following will apply:

  1. Employee will remain on health insurance and employer will continue to pay its portion of health insurance premiums.
  2. Employee will exhaust all accrued and available PTO at 100% of the employee’s current pay rate.
  3. Thereafter, Employee will be paid 75% of their normal salary or 30 hours of wages (equal to 75%) until Employee returns to work. For employees who are required to stay home, unemployment benefits may be available to make up the difference in pay, however those benefits may not be available for employees who elect to stay home when continuing work is available.
  4. This pay during non-working time will not accrue additional PTO.
  5. These terms would apply during the month of April with the option of CCM management to extend or revise as necessary on a month to month basis.

Nothing in this communication impacts the sick leave and expanded Family and Medical Leave mandated by the Families First Coronavirus Relief Act.
As I said, our most important asset is our employees. We value you and we are concerned for your well-being both physically and financially. I hope this clarifies any questions that you have about your employment status over the following weeks.
Be Well.

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